Hypothetical Travel, Planning a A Virtual Trip

Awareness of the outside world. Delish: 15 New Year’s Foods For Good Luck, Lowder, Dec 20, 2022. Waiter, I would like to order a meal that has all 15 foods, please.



Each year, I used to go on a group vacation to New York City. [NYC Archives]

That hasn’t happened in a while.

So, I imagined a virtual trip to NYC. Friends and family at home while sharing online.

Unfortunately, this is just as hypothetical as an IRL trip. My connection to the Internet lacks the bandwidth to pull this off. Here’s what I’d do if I could. A fantasy of a fantasy.

Welcome Package

Pick a fiction book for us all to read before the trip. Order and send dead tree postcards to arrive when the trip is scheduled to start.


I would create a Discord/Zoom/virtual room that would be open 24/7 for the duration. Trip members could drop in anytime to see who wants to chat.


Zoom (or whatever) banquets. Eat at home; share online.

Have each person order The Smoked Salmon Medley from Russ & Daughters. Ridiculously expensive, but think of the money saved on hotel beds and plane/train tickets.

Get takeout sushi from each person’s local restaurant. Order at least one roll of the same thing, probably a California Roll. I “offer” you a bite of mine. You pick up a piece. We bond. Similar for “refilling” your tea or sake. Hey, this whole thing runs on imagination or it doesn’t run at all.


Walking Tour One. Leigh Hallingby, Harlem Walks. “Now also available as a one hour Virtual Walking Tour on Zoom!” HW: Harlem Walking Tour. Also Spanish Harlem or Audubon Bird Mural Project. Preference for bi-directional participation, rather than a lecture with chat section. Back in 2021, I took an excellent virtual tour of the bird murals. Online – YouTube video “A Virtual Feminist Walk Through Harlem: Celebrating Remarkable Women with Leigh Hallingby.” Morris-Jumel Mansion.

Walking Tour Two. Keith York City. Does live tours. Runs an informative Instagram account, @KeithYork City. Has done at least one virtual tour. Cooper Hewitt: A tour of Carnegie Hill. If we have enough people, could be persuaded to do others? Or include virtual with IRL tour? Online – KYC: My Walking Project.

Walking Tour Three. Ditto The High Line. They offer private tours. See if they have or can arrange a virtual tour. Online – many POV walks along this.

Museum. Almost every museum has at least part of their collection online. A tour if possible, otherwise we browse together. One person is in charge of surfing & shares their screen.

Tourist Day. Empire State Building. Statue of Liberty. And so on. Joint website surfing. No lines, no waiting. Instantaneous transport from one place to the next.

Broadway. Sign up for astreaming service that has shows. Watch on TV to enjoy the big production numbers. Zoom on phones. Can talk all we want during the show & the rest of the audience won’t tell us to shush.

Sunday. Attend church services at Saint John the Divine. “10:30 am – Holy Eucharist
The Cathedral’s Sunday morning worship service is held in-person and streamed live to the Cathedral’s website, Facebook page, and YouTube channel.” SJTD, Spiritual Life: Services


The Strand, of course. Group shopping.


This is an entirely subjective list of what I have happened across. So much more out there. New York is both a big city and one that invites being written about.

Other than vacation, I try not to spend too much time living where I am not. It just increases my dissatisfaction with where I am. For example, this post, I took two pages of notes, stopped myself, put it away, and told myself to stop thinking about it.

That’s one reason I haven’t finished the books below. Well, that and shiny objects.

Books & Blogs
Either finished or read enough to recommend.

Metropolis, Ben Wilson, Doubleday 2020. Online – Literary Hub: Ben Wilson on the Invention of the City. Found while looking up pub detes. Have not watched.

The 99% Invisible City Website & book.

Subwayland: Adventures in the World Beneath New York, Randy Kennedy. St. Martins’ 2004.

Built. Roma Agrawal. Bloomsbury 2018. [City Letters]

Hidden Waters of New York City, Sergey Kadinsky. Countryman 2016. Hidden Waters blog, Companion blog for the book “Hidden Waters of NYC”.

Time and Again, Jack Finney.

Burglar series, Lawrence Block.

KYC Instagram Stories: Cars Rant. As someone who grew up in one of the few (only?) pedestrian cities in the US, I feel this. My family didn’t have a car until I moved to DC.

New York Cl1che. New posts have stopped. Enjoy the archives.

Literary Dates – from Page to Place

Books TBR

Intimate City, Walking New York. Michael Kimmelman, Penquin 2022. On order.


2 thoughts on “Hypothetical Travel, Planning a A Virtual Trip

  1. Loved both Time and Again and the Burglar series.
    The virtual vacation sounds wonderful. I wish it could be.
    As for IRL, we’ll see what the future brings.

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