A Trio of Ears, Silver Lining Horses of 2022

Awareness of the outside world. AL.com: The story behind Cadillac Williams’ dapper gameday suit, Green, Nov. 17, 2022.


Silver Lining Equestrian Center [Lesson Ahoy]

Lesson Posts

[Chestnut Mare Fanfare] Tuesday
[Freddie Reintroduces Me To The Concept Of A Course]
[Fixing The Rider, Silver Lining Lesson] Dakota

Show Posts

[Shadows at Silver Lining]
[My New Elevator Speech]
[That Noise Is Me Stomping My Feet]
[The Return of the Son of Cookie Monster]
[Other People’s Horses]

Five posts from one show, a possible record, certainly a record for a show I didn’t ride in.


4 thoughts on “A Trio of Ears, Silver Lining Horses of 2022

  1. So. That means that there are more posts from shows you don’t ride in that shows you do.

    You’re right. You’ll do anything for a blog post. Or not do anything.

    What was the name of the cartoon character who would do anything for a dog biscuit?

  2. Internet says Snuffles. Sniffles was a mouse, either with Looney Tunes on TV or with Mary Jane in comics, “Poof, poof, piffles, make me just as small as Sniffles!”

    As for this year’s posts, depends how one counts the costume class posts. I didn’t ride but I did participate in the class.

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