10 Day Challenge

Worth 1000 Words, Visual Storytelling

Reagan Upton [Barnshine, Road] nominated me a in a Facebook challenge:

Ten-day horse family challenge. Every day, select an image from a day in the life of owning, loving, driving and riding that has had an impact on you and post it without a single explanation and nominate somebody to take the challenge. That’s 10 days, 10 horse photos, 10 nominations, and 0 explanations.

So I made it a blog post. And I provided explanations. Because I want to. My blog; my rules.

10 photos


[Foto Friday: Ears]
First ASB ride.


Sandra Hall Photography

[Sandra Hall Captures The Moment, Show Photos, Nationals 2018]
“National Champion. Nothing can take those words away. Not even me.”
[All The Thoughts]


Doug Shiflet Photography

[Pro-Am 2016 Show Photos by Shiflet]
Alvin & our best drive. I still use it as a benchmark to gauge how well I am driving.


Journey Photography

[Catching Up from Last Year, Show Photos Indiana CDE 2017]



As a retrospective, this list prioritizes current activities. That is what’s on my mind. That is what I have easily accessible photos of. This photo of Mathilda is for all of the horses, people, barns, trail rides, jumps, shows and so on, that came before Rodney and Milton and ASBs and driving and so on.


Photo by Rachel Wamble

[I Ride Milton!]
“… with lots of help! ”


[Reaching for the Big Trot, Jump Lesson at FHF]
Jump School at Falcon Hill Farm


[I am not back. This is not a post.]
No one said the impact had to be a good one. We are all still twitchy from this adventure.



The above is a blank space for all the nonexistent photos of me riding Rodney. You better believe this has had an “impact” on me.


[Rain Games in the Pasture]
Because I can’t end on a downer.

10 nominations
In reverse alphabetical order

Writing From the Right Side of the Stall: Carefully curated musings (um, okay, rants) about the writing life, horses, bitterness and crushing career disappointment. Fun, right?

Tails From Provence: What happens when a horsemad Ould Wagon moves from Cork to Provence with 2 horses, 2 dogs and a Long Suffering Husband? Why, she gets a third dog, discovers Natural Horsemanship à la Française and starts writing short stories, of course…
Update. Challenge Accepted. 10 Day Challenge

Show Horse • Sport Horse: Nautica the American Saddlebred Dressage Horse

My Horse Journey

Life, the Universe, and Everything: Adventures of a Curious Mind
Update. Challenge Accepted. My Riding Life…Such as it was

Leather & Sawdust!: Providing Design Inspiration For The Equine Lifestyle

‘Fraidy Cat Eventing

desktop stables: my love for horses … in miniature!

CurTales: Where I ramble about dogs, farms, herding, horses, photography and whatever else comes to mind!

Contact: The Pursuit of PSG

Thank you Reagan, that was fun.

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    • This started as a challenge on Facebook. Person A posts photos and names Person B. Then, Person B posts their own photos on their own Facebook feed & names Person C. And so on until we run out of people in the world and hit a recursive circle. 🙂

      I was named by someone else. I didn’t want to do this on Facebook. So, I made it a blog post. You may do whatever floats your boat. Post your photos on your Facebook. Make your own blog post. Put your photos in a slide show, set them to music, and busk on street corners. Or ignore it and go on your merry way.

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