Letter Art, AlphaBooks: U is for USDA

Special Report on Diseases of the Horse
U.S. Department of Agriculture
Government Printing Office 1903

When this book came out, few cars, no antibiotics. Cars existed, Early American Automobiles: 1903 Models, but horses were still the way most of us got ourselves and our goods from point A to point B. Antibiotics would not be discovered for another 25 years, Nobelprize.org: Sir Alexander Fleming. Think about that the next time someone talks about how fast the world is changing today.

Bought from Crabtree’s Collection Old Books via abebooks.com, recommended by Robin Bledsoe, Bookseller.
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7 thoughts on “Letter Art, AlphaBooks: U is for USDA

  1. Hello Katherine aka Rodney’s Saga : This US government book, or pamphlet, about horse care would be a good read -for horse people. It makes us appreciate how much we have today for better horse care, like antibiotics. However, my favorite horse book is “The Horseless Rider,” by Barbara Burn, now in third edition. I’ve re-read my copy several times; and have given copies to friends, who were interested in horses, but didn’t, or couldn’t, make the financial commitment to owning a horse. My other horse book fav’s are the Thelwell series, and children’s horse books like “The Black Stallion.” Meg McKinney

    1. Haven’t heard Thelwell mentioned in a long time! I do enjoy that. I have a pillow I needle-pointed with a pony that isn’t specifically mentioned as being a Thelwell, but sure looks like one.

  2. megmckinneyphotos : Suggestions noted for next year. Thanks. My second choice for T this year was a non-horse Thelwell, A Plank Bridge By A Pool. LOVED the Thelwell horse books as a kid. Still have a set. Got to Farley a little too late to really enjoy.

    debandtoby: photos!

    1. I don’t know how to put a picture in a reply. If you send me your email address I’ll send you a pic of the “Thelwell Pony” pillow.

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