Rodney’s Week: Dry Pool

You have seen the video of the horse rolling in the kiddie pool? Rodney has little fear of weird stuff [Noodling] and he plays in his water trough if we are slack with the refreshing showers. I really thought he’d love a pool of his own. He tolerated walking through but had reservations [Pool, Out There/photo]. This time we took it back a few steps.

The pool had been draped over two cavalletti to drain. I wrestled it upright and dragged it over to a flat, ant-free space. All of this while holding onto Rodney with the other hand. He watched carefully while I flipped the pool over, spun gently once to keep it in front of him, and then said, ‘Oh well. Large plastic thing following me. Meh.’ I’ve had horses who would have levitated across the field at this.

He marched back and forth, across the short side, across the long side. He stood in the middle. Over time, some air had leaked, deflating the sides of the pool. This made the sides less rigid and more prone to collapse. Rodney would attempt to step over the side, fail to clear, and land a foot in the middle of the plastic tube. While I was having mental images of horse and pool everywhere, he’d make a few attempts to lift his foot out of the way and then stand there, ‘Clearly there has been a mistake here. How do you intend to fix it?’

I tell you, this horse is the weirdest combination of fear and confidence.

Next step: adding a small amount of water.

5 thoughts on “Rodney’s Week: Dry Pool

    1. Someone once made the same comment to my mother when she explained to her young daughter the difference between shoplifting and bringing something show mommy.

      Doesn’t feel like patience. You just do what you need to do.

      1. Third Avenue fruit stand. You had a question, as always. What is this fruit? So you brought it over to me. I was beyond the display and you came after me with the pear and your question.

        Even then you wanted answers.

  1. That is exactly what my horse says.

    The time he got his bridle caught on a hay-net: Clearly there has been a mistake here. How do you intend to fix it?’

    The time his foot/shoe got caught on rubber matting: Clearly there has been a mistake here. How do you intend to fix it?’

    I keep expecting freak-out-levitating-equine-of-despair and getting this. And yet in other circumstances…

    I suspect they do this to mess with our tiny human minds. I’m glad to know I am not the only victim.

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