Just To Put This Out There

A comment from Monday [Note], “I’m sorry your search continues.” I’m sorry too. I’d love to have a horse at home to ride and train and compete.


I am well aware of how many good things I have in my life: my health, a wonderful spouse, and knowledge of where my next meal is coming from. I would be pleased to have all of these things continue.

Even the horse segment isn’t horrid. I have a sweet horse who is fun to work with. We are still lightyears from riding, but Rodney is starting to enjoy his work. Or perhaps we are getting better at engaging him. He appears to appreciate the things we do for him. Yesterday’s yawn was not unusual [Therapeutic].

Saddle seat isn’t the discipline I would have chosen, but I am learning much. I’m even showing more often than I did when I had my own horse in the backyard.

It’s not the life I would design on a holodeck, but it is far from bad.

R and pool 2 wm

“On seeing the pool in the field, he came over at liberty to check it out.” Rodney’s Week

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