Rodney’s Week: Pool, Pen, & TENS

Saddle Time, or not
We have offered to return the saddle that the saddle fitter left on loan [Finding One That Fits]. If I’m just going to sit on him, a bareback pad works fine and carries less baggage. No reason to drag out the whole suit of armor until he can 1) trot quietly on the lunge or in hand without it being a miracle and b) walk around the pasture without cookies as bribe/distraction.

Progress, yes. Rapid progress, no.
Glacial progress, yes. Progress given any non-frustrating definition of the term, no.

After watching this video of a horse rolling in a wading pool, we bought Rodney one of his own. I thought he would dive right in. After all, he accepted the mattress without hesitating:

mattress before

Most exercises take us longer to set up than for him to conquer [Weekend]. If we are not prompt with the summer baths, he will splash himself in the water trough. The pool should have appealed to his brave and aquaphilic nature.

On seeing the pool in the field, he came over at liberty to check it out, but declined to leap in. On day two, he walked through, albeit quickly and at the end of a halter. On day three, he walked through slowly enough that I could stop him with his front feet immersed. So, not bravely, bold Sir Robin but not bravely running away either.

Round Pen
We built a redneck round pen to use in lieu of lunging. Rodney went right in and started walking pleasantly in a circle. Trotted better too. This was not his first round pen.

Now that transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) is available over-the-counter, my medical advisor thought it might work on jacked-up horse backs. Rodney loves it. The counter gets as high as 50 (out of 65) on scar tissue but a gentle 10 on otherwise healthy butt muscle. Either way, happy pony.


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  1. I have a TENS unit that my physical therapist prescribed years ago. i don’t use it as much as i should, there’s a unit attached to wires, and I’m running low on on electroids. I’ve been thinking about asking about the portable unit now available OTC. Would make my life easier, and i’m all for easier. Glad Rodney is starting to accept the pool. When dd you put a mattress out?

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