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  1. Have you found something specific that the TENS is treating or just various tight areas? I’m with him I adore my TENS unit

    • Specific; the scar on his back from a foalhood injury.
      General: various places that might be tight from years of compensating for the above. The side opposite the scar seems particularly TENSable.

  2. . I asked my physical therapist and he said the OTC TENS kind works, so i got one yesterday. Considering i tried to move a piece of furniture on sunday that i shouldn’t have, then had to move it back, i can still hardly move. I can be a real idiot sometimes, just after 12 or so years i still have it ingrained in me that i can still do stuff i no longer can.
    stall looks nice. applause for your in-house carpenter/electrician, LOL.
    how do you get the ‘rodneyssage.com’ on the bottom of your photos?

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