Equitation Counterpoint

As I said yesterday, it is possible that whatever natural talent I had for equitation – if I ever had any – may have terminally eroded [Three Reasons I Suck At Equitation]. However, it’s not all bad.

Specifically, two things I appreciate so far this year. First, I started off with a nice win [Show Report: ProAm].

ProAm2014 cropped

I would be a lot crankier otherwise.

Second, I was able to score a blue when my mother came down to watch [Show Report: NEGCHS]. She would have been happy no matter how I did, but this way she got to see a victory pass.

Pretty ribbons, good loot, and the tradition of victory passes. Things I will seriously miss if I ever go back to hunter/jumper, eventing, dressage.

Why am I placing so much lower in WTC classes than I did at WT? That’s a long ponderment for another post. Short answer: the competition is better and I am riding worse, at least in an equitation sense. I’m cantering! At a horse show! Wheeeeee! This attitude does not lend itself to quiet poise.

OTOH, ya can’t accuse me of not having fun out there. “As soon as I storm into a show ring, my eyes glaze over and I’m looking for the next jump.” [Show Report: Dixie Cup]

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