Liberty Mare Redux

The horizon beckons … and glows a bit.
As I type, Mathilda is eating hay in her pen with, gasp, the door open. Rodney is in the stall to a) keep him out of the way & b) keep her close to home. After her escape at the end of last month [Jailbreak], we had to admit that she was strong enough to graze on her own, despite the palpations such an idea gives us. Damage, if it comes, will be from one silly misstep. These can happen at any time, escorted or unescorted, out for 5 minutes or for 5 hours. So, over the last week or so, she has been going out for gradually longer periods with gradually less supervision. I don’t want to yap on any more about it as our previous attempts each lasted a day [Two Forward, Liberty]. We’ll all just cross our hooves & hope that this time we are successful.

How are your animals celebrating Fall?
Gratuitous Kitten Pic
Kitten of limited grace + overloaded bookshelf = disaster in making.

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