Overstayed Welcome, December Contest Entries

Random Words Writing & Writing About Writing   Past #GWstorieseverywhere – Overstayed Welcome Entry 1 It was over. Words were exchanged. I had my own place now. Yet, I hung around the apartment like a Christmas tree in February. #GWstorieseverywhere — Katherine Walcott (@willwrite4feed) December 22, 2019 It was over. Words were exchanged. I hadContinue reading “Overstayed Welcome, December Contest Entries”

Faces In The Crowd, A Fiction Exercise

Random Words Writing & Writing About Writing   Procedure In the post Big City, The Errant Moon daydreams about passersby. Two tradesmen become supervillians. Policemen being polite to tourists are really scanning for stalkers. That woman? Well, you’ll have to click over to see what she is about to do. I was impressed – andContinue reading “Faces In The Crowd, A Fiction Exercise”

Short But Frightening, Contest Entries

Writing About Writing   Looking Back Frightening First Line We could have avoided so much tragedy, if only the aliens had not landed on Halloween. “Create the first line of a frightening story … limit was 31 words.” My entry was 16 words. Frightening First Line Contest Winner & Runner’s Up Gotham Writers [Can YouContinue reading “Short But Frightening, Contest Entries”

FYI, Another Writing Contest

Writing About Writing     14th Annual Short Story Challenge “There are 4 rounds of competition this year. In the 1st Round (January 17-25, 2020), writers are placed randomly in heats and are assigned a genre, subject, and character assignment. Writers have 8 days to write an original story no longer than 2,500 words.” AndContinue reading “FYI, Another Writing Contest”