Media Advisory

Work: PM heat therapy/PM groom & exercises [rp, wv,cx]. Report: amenable during but galloped off upon dismissal. Ramblings for the day: A well-known essayist [David Sedaris? unusual Google fail], said that his family no longer tells him anything because they are afraid to end up in print. Writer A.J. Jacobs allows his wife to forbidContinue reading “Media Advisory”

Brevity is the soul of wit.

Work: same as Sunday, plus dog. Rating: remembered all lessons. Gold star. Ramblings for the day: Miniature Memoirs. Yesterday’s funk required a snack run. Checkout lane ennui begat O Magazine. Article inside: “You …. in Six Words“. Smith originated the idea. O venue. My blog life in six words: 1) Patience 2) my 3) a**,Continue reading “Brevity is the soul of wit.”