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Gotham Writers Workshop offers two free writing contests. The prize for both is a free class, which I am assuming one can take online.

Contest 1: “Create the first line of a frightening story. Just the first line. But we want that first line to be so intriguing or chilling or scary that it makes our skin tingle and our nerves twitch.” Frightening First Line Contest—2019 Deadline 12/1/19

Contest 2: “Post a story on Twitter … no longer than 25 words.” #GWstorieseverywhere. Monthly contest.

It’s hard to find free contests. Most ask for a hefty fee, and therefore strike me as fundraisers more than artistic venues, for example the GW short story contest charges $25. Prize is $1000 & a 10-week course. Prize money is covered after 40 entries. Perhaps I am being overly cynical.

“Money flows toward the writer.” Making Light: Yog’s Law

To participate in the Stories Everywhere contest, I need to be on Twitter. Once more into the breach. New Twitter handle @willwrite4feed.

Previous Twitter Efforts
@box_brush [New Title, New Twitter], last active in 2018 [There & Back Again, Show Tweets].
@RodneysSaga [Another Aborted Twitter Adventure, Pondering Twitter], last active in 2017 [NACHS17, A Horse Show in 6 Tweets].

I will be sending in/tweeting my entries at the end of the month. Will you?

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