At The Dog Show, Photography

Awareness of the outside world. The National Canine Cancer Foundation. A sad topic but good news that people are working on it. Dunno anything about this organization specifically. Found online as proof of concept. A while back, I asked my medical advisor why it seemed so many folks were dying of cancer these days. His response, ‘We’re curing everything else.’ I would think this would hold for animals as well. Hugs to anyone with an ailing dog. 😦


Birmingham Kennel Club & Tuscaloosa Kennel Club Dog Show
6 April 2023
Columbiana AL USA

Artistic Photos

Waiting for the Winners
Bryan McNabb Dogshow Photography

Endless Task

Game Face

Amusing Photos

Technical Details

On auto with no flash because I had to move fast. I am not ready to make setting decisions on the fly. Indoor. Remembered my lesson from MTCC to respect my camera’s abilities, and not to expect high zoom in low light. [Tennessee Travels]

Post-processing limited to cropping, watermark & border. And one leveling. Image manipulation is a challenge for future me.

Point Of It All

Nothing that wows me, although turned out better than I thought while I was snapping. Regardless. The point is to practice.

Go somewhere? Check.

Take photos of things? Check

Therefore, success.

Frustration of not remembering how to twiddle the knobs & mash the buttons? Also check. That appears to be par for the course.

“Completely, blatantly using the blog as combination carrot & stick to motivate me.” [Photo Theory

Camera is sitting on a dog bed I bought at the show. I have low willpower around show vendors.


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  1. Can’t ever have too many dog beds 😉 At least the ones here think so. I had to laugh at the “I have low willpower around show vendors.”

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