Lesson Scheduled, and Thoughts Thereon

Awareness of the outside world. Your Dressage: Where the Real Action Happens, by Jennifer Bryant, April 6, 2023. The warm-up ring at the FEI World Cup in Omaha. Some riders went to the warm-up ring AFTER their tests, “for a short cool-down consisting of a stretchy rising trot and a couple of laps of relaxed walk before dismounting.” I did not know this. Cool.


Saddle seat lesson scheduled for today.

I don’t want to go out.

I don’t want to ride a new horse.

Neither do I want to sit on the couch for the rest of my life.

Two weeks ago, I tried to schedule a lesson. Got myself all wound up. Loins girded. As I said, “Take lessons at the barn that has welcomed me.” [Making Time For The Other Horses]

Only to find that the barn was off in another state at a show.

I couldn’t believe it. I couldn’t believe I am so far out of it as to let the show schedule slide. Even if I’m not showing, I keep track to know when the ring is available to take the home team over.

So that week was a no. The week after was logistics, blacksmith I think. On to this week.

I plan (hope) to be bold about new horses, but maybe not the first time I’ve ridden since the show.

Show was 18 March. [Bringing in the Year with Blues, Show Report, Spring Fun Show]

Today is 20 April.

Over a month.

It is annoying to be hip deep in horse shit and to have only ridden twice this year.

In the grand scheme of things, this is sitting on a yacht, complaining about the ice cubes. Given the yacht that is my life, riding is a pretty big ice cube.


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