Making Time For The Other Horses

Thinking about what comes next.

One side of a Venn diagram: What you want to do.
Other side of a Venn diagram: What is available.

If they overlap, awesome. Rock on.
If they don’t, time to get creative.

Let’s say you want to learn combat flower arranging.

A practitioner at the Iron Blossom level has a dojo in your town. Off you go.


Flower what? So you arrange with an noted Iron Blossom who gives virtual lessons, you look into starting a start a club in your town, you go to workshops at the national convention, and so on. Meanwhile, you sign up with a local karate dojo. At least you will be out there moving around, working on your muscular control, developing your proprioception. Okay, maybe you will pick up some conflicting movement patterns, but better than couch surfing.

I’m sure you see where this is going.

I have yet to find a jumping barn that likes the color of my money. My Venn diagram does not overlap.

One half of my plan would be to capitalize on what is available.

Take lessons at the barn that has welcomed me. Absorb all I can about saddle seat. Ride a variety of horses. Practice with a double bridle. Maybe, finally, for the love of all things equitation, learn to sit up when I ride.

This plan would make sense.

This plan is also in direct opposition to my stated preference for a soft, simple, comfort ride on the easiest horse in the barn.

I’m working on that.


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  1. I tried making a venn diagram once. The circles just kept floating away from each other….

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