Team Snail Hits The Trail, Virtual Tevis 2023 Begins

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We’re off. Virtual Tevis 2023 starts today. We have until Sunday 30 July to ride 100 miles. Counting the start and end days, I get 103 days to ride 100 miles.

After their extended time off, the horses top out at a mile. That leaves us almost no wiggle room. Consistency is going to be a key factor this year.

The plan.

One. Get out every possible day.

Two. Count ring work. I’m using 2 mph as an estimate. So 15 min of ring work is 0.5 mile. I haven’t included ring work in the past. This is not the year to leave steps on the table, as I did in 2021 or 2022. [Moving the Goal Posts, Virtual Tevis, 98 Miles and Holding, 73 Days 2021, Virtual Tevis Announced For 2022]

Three. Work up to longer mileage. We need miles in the bank for days when the weather dice or the logistics of life don’t roll in our favor.

It’s doable. We need to start diligent, stay diligent, and hope everything stays shiny side up.

“In 2020, due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, the Western States Trail Foundation Board of Governors voted for the first time in history to cancel the annual Tevis Cup Ride. But we wanted to offer a way for our riders, crews, volunteers, supporters and lovers of the trail to still be able to participate. Thus the creation of this virtual event, which was so well received we have decided to host as an annual fundraiser.”

The Tevis Cup: Virtual Tevis Cup 2023

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