The Tack Room Door Creaks Open Again

Awareness of the outside world. Climate Clock. “To stay under 1.5°C warming, and prevent the worst effects of climate change from becoming irreversible.” Climate Clock: Our Story.

Earth is dying! Well, not really. Worst case scenario, there will be global adjustments, minor on a geological scale. The thing is, people don’t live on a geological scale. Worst case, the planet is gonna be fine; the human race, not so much.

I bring this up because I think it is an error of messaging. Make it real to people, to you, to me, to us. Altruism is nice. Self-interest gets people moving.



On Milton!

Long lines. Walked a bit. Trotted a circle in each direction.

Once he got over the surprise of going back to work, he remembered fairly quickly. Also got worn out fairly quickly.

Go, Milton!


3 thoughts on “The Tack Room Door Creaks Open Again

  1. You are spot on. I used to tell my students, when writing their persuasive essays, logic allows us to agree with the thesis, but it is emotion (right at the beginning) that makes us want to agree.

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