Counting Every Inch, The First 10 Miles, Virtual Tevis 2023

Awareness of the outside world. No one is talking about Covid much these days. I for one, plan to mask in airports & on airplanes forever. So many people. So close. So many germs. Outside with people at a moderate distance – a common situation – I do not. Everything in between is a question.


Virtual Tevis
100 Miles in 100 Days
19 April to 30 July 2023

Rodney – 10.04 miles
Milton – 7.45 miles
Wed 19 April to Mon 24 April

All mileage handwalk in halters.

Due to current fitness levels, going on multiple short walks each day.

Rodney went out all six days. Milton sat out the first day. [Poop Watch]

Rodney continued to pull ahead on several walks, doing my daily mile while Milton took breaks.

Counting Every Step

In the past, I have been cavalier about mileage, often rounding down to err on the side of being conservative. This year, hundredths of a mile are going to matter.

If Rodney is wearing halter and we are walking, I count it. This includes leading him in from the pasture. It’s legit. We come in, I pick his feet etc., then we turn around and walk the exact same path back and forth for VT.

I carry my phone and run the GPS each time. For example, we do .57 mile. Instead of ‘this route is approximately half a mile’.

Explanation The Tevis Cup: Virtual Tevis Cup 2023

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