Just When I Thought It Was Safe To Start Using My Brain, The Bleary Chronicles Continue

Remember a few weeks ago, when I misread an email? [Stall Rest Chronicles 10 April, On Being Bleary]

It worked out. I was just a bit annoyed with myself.


I ended up having to cancel the interview with that person. It was scheduled for the afternoon of the day we took Milton to the clinic. Even if we got back in time, I figured my brain would be sludge. [Poop Watch]

Again I say, Ha!

I wasn’t as worried as I would have been if the interview hadn’t been for an equine magazine. I figured a horse person would understand.

Milton came home. We all got some rest.

Over the weekend, I went over the information to date, took the horses for walks, started a rough draft, got some sleep, made notes for the interview on Monday.

On Monday morning, I rereaded everything. My rough draft, my notes for the interview, the emails. I doublechecked the phone number.

Five minutes to go. Recorder plugged in and tested. Paper and pen to hand. Called up a website with a clock. Watched the numbers flick to exactly 1:00:00. Dial.

No answer.

That’s odd. Person has been prompt all along. Left message saying I would try again in 5 minutes. It happens.

Dial. Interview. Went okay. I felt a little stupid here and there. Had a good list of questions. Person was charming and informative. Got information I needed. We said goodbye.

Sigh of relief. Back on track.

Now that’s out of the way, I can make my To Do list for the week. What’s this. Oh, yeah, my reminder note, INTERVIEW 1:30.



You have got to be kidding me.

Remember when I doublechecked the phone number? I always send a confirmation email with day, date, time, secondary time if time zones are involved, & phone number. The phone number was right under where it said 1:30 CST.

Actually it should have been CDT, but that’s a minor issue at this point.

Being half an hour early may seem like a small thing, but I find it screamingly unprofessional. I have no idea what their day is like. I have no idea what they had to arrange to make a specific time.

Screamingly unprofessional. Also, screamingly not me. Or, I would have said not me.

How could I miss so badly? I was deeply, utterly, truly convinced that the interview was at 1.

Strike 3.

Fortunately, it’s not baseball.

Sent email to explain my sorry self. Actually, I said I was sorry and that I had no explanation. Seems like all I do is apologize to this poor soul.

My brain is one of the few things I trust. Now I have have to write up the article while I wonder what other stitches I am dropping.

At least I have the editor to make sure that the final text sounds good.


7 thoughts on “Just When I Thought It Was Safe To Start Using My Brain, The Bleary Chronicles Continue

  1. You have had an awful lot on your plate this year. The brain can only cope with so much. I’m amazed you’re still standing.
    That feeling of dropped stitches is scary. Is there any way to slow down? I realize that this is you I’m writing to but a deep breath now and then might help? Like, for a while?
    Thinking of you.

  2. I agree with Mom’s comment 100% and am trying to follow her good guidance for myself as well. ( Thank you for underscoring my mother’s good advice) -It’s been a hard year for you and while trying to slow down is very difficult it’s so critical for all of us & is a healthy habit.

  3. Thank you all for you concern and kind words. Actually, instead of slowing down, I think I need to do more. Get out more. See more people. Find a way to put energy into the system. I’m working on it.

    1. If you’re used to traveling at warp speed, impulse just isn’t going to cut it.

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