Stall Rest Chronicles 10 April, On Being Bleary

Explanation. We have a horse on stall rest following colic surgery. This has taken over the blog. Mostly. [Begin, Phase IV]

Fourth month post surgery
Two weeks at clinic DONE
One month of at-home stall rest DONE
One month of paddock rest DONE
Starting week 5 of one month of pasture rest

You may notice a change in the wording of the headers.

Veterinary directions call for one month of each. I apparently made up the concept of ‘four weeks’ used in previous posts. Liberty Day hasn’t changed, I just had the units wrong.

In my defense, a) due to Milton’s release date, the first month was trimmed a few days, making it four weeks in practice, b) In February, four weeks equaled one month & c) not sharpest knife in the drawer at the moment.

I know I’ve already said this. [Stall Rest Chronicles 4 April, House Restful]

It keeps astounding me the stitches I have been dropping lately.

For example.

I managed to miss half of email message for a work project. It was a short, simple message. Wasn’t like I had to scroll down several screens to get the bit I missed. I read the first half and went hairing off. I completely missed the second, relevant half until I responded the next week. I came close to starting a new message instead of using Reply, in which case I would have missed it completely.

It all worked out. Recipient was not discommoded. It wasn’t a practical problem as much as a reflection on my mental state.

I don’t DO things like this. I have many flaws, but lack of obsessiveness is not one of them, particularly when it comes to work. My writing may be pedestrian (direct quote from an English professor) but I am reliable.

I don’t feel tired, but I keep doing tired things.

In return for your patience in listening to my whingeing, here’s a free read. Nature: Tourist season, by Marissa Lingen, 05 April 2023.


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  1. The care and feeding of a healing loved one in dicey health is exhausting. You are so strong to be able to cope at all! I’m sending healing vibes.

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