Muse & The Earth Day Movie, Fiction

Writer: Hello, Muse.

Muse: Hello.


Muse: Stuck again?

Writer: Trying to think of a holiday movie plot.

Muse: Sounds familiar.

Writer: Yeah. We’ve done Christmas and Thanksgiving. [Creating A New Classic, Cooking Up Another Holiday Movie]

Muse: You have quite a sub-specialty going there.

Writer: Not all winners. They didn’t like the City Christmas movie. [Country Boy in The City, Plot for a Reverse Holiday Movie]

Muse: Why not, that was fun.

Writer: I know, it’s my favorite. They said it conflicted with the brand.

Muse: I would think variety would be good.

Writer: Variety is one thing. They didn’t like the second-order snark.

Muse: Second order snark?

Writer: Yeah. The plot itself was straightforward but they felt it impugned the standard small town movie model.

Muse: Well, you did cast shade intentionally.

Writer: Fair point.

Writer: They did like the New Years Day idea. The idea of a new category of movies. I got a bonus from that. [A Marketing Proposal for New Holiday Movies]

Muse: So, do they want a new category or a new movie?

Writer: They’ve love a new category, of course, but I think they’ll be happy with one movie for a holiday we don’t usually cover. They figured if I could do it with New Years day, I could do something with making Earth Day into a movie. I mean, we could do something. I don’t mean to deprive you of credit. You’ve been …

Muse: That’s nice and all, but you are avoiding the topic. What have you got so far?

Writer: Nothing. Everything has been said. Earth is alive. Earth is angry. Earth is taking revenge on puny humans for their lack of foresight.

Muse: What do you want the movie to say?

Writer: Sit back, relax. Spend money with our advertisers. Tell your friends so that the viewing numbers go up and I get another bonus.

Muse: I don’t think mercenary self-interest captures the spirit of Earth Day. I know you have some ideas, even if you don’t like them.

Writer: I guess a romance with a meetcute during litter pickup. Or drama with a dead body found during clean up. It’s all so blah.

Muse: What if the main character is against Earth Day?

Writer: Scrooge. Do the three ghosts. Past, present, and future would certainly film well. It could work. Could even lead to a whole three-ghost theme for each holiday. I dunno, I’m not feeling it. Grumpy Industrialist as Evil Villain feels flat. I keep picturing the guy in the monocle from Monopoly. Even thought it’s not true.

Did you know that Rich Uncle Penny Bags didn’t wear a monocle? “Some people believe that we imagine a monocle because most pictures of men with a mustache and a top hat do also include this accessory. Our brain expects a monocle, so we’re convinced that we’ve seen one.” Or possibly overspray from Mr. Peanut. Monopoly Land: The Monopoly Man Has NO Monocle – It’s The Mandela Effect, Jenni 2022

Muse: Focus. Don’t make me disconnect your Internet.

Writer: No. It’s for research. I’ll be good. I promise.

Muse: Who else would be against Earth Day?

Writer: Hmm. Someone who used to be really big in the environmental movement? Someone who got discouraged? Thinks it’s a waste of time? Past would be his – her? their? – former self. Present would be what friends are still doing. Future would be tricky. Don’t want to go dire. I mean we could have the world fall apart without them but that’s too simplistic …

(sounds of rapid keyboard clicking)

… future, not dire, but world slight worse without them, and rotting gradually. You are not the only answer but you are part of the answer.

(more keyboard clicking)

Their crime is hopelessness, which is understandable. Futility. Disillusionment. Movie message – keep the faith, work when efforts seem futile, light the small candle … it’s only X. Okay, so do X …

(metaphoric smoke starts to emanate from keyboard)

Muse: My work here is done.

~~~ curtain ~~~


Free Fiction For You. Metaphorosis: All The Daughter Sing, by Jan Priddy, 3 March 2023, text & spoken. Full disclosure. I did not read this due the likelihood of thought-provoking ideas. My brain is currently subsisting on the reading equivalent of ginger ale and plain rice. Verdict from my beta reader (waves hi & thank you). Well-written. A delightful story, with the caveat that it is post-apocalyptic. The author talks about the story, Imperfect Patience: ALL THE DAUGHTERS SING.

One more movie plot post that I didn’t manage to work into the above, [Notes For A Holiday Movie, Friendmas]


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