A Marketing Proposal for New Holiday Movies, Fiction


First, I want to thank both development and marketing for agreeing to this meeting. You won’t be disappointed. My department has worked out an idea for a whole new sector of holiday movies. New content. New direction for advertisers. The works.

I’ll just spring it on you.

(Pause for dramatic effect.)

New Years Day Movies

Not New Year’s Eve. That’s been done. Ball drops. Crowds. The kiss at midnight. We’ve all seen the movies. Hashed and rehashed.

We’re talking about New Years DAY.

The next day. The first day of the next year. Resolutions. Hangovers. The possibilities are endless.

Here are some storylines.

For romance, Main Character resolves to get fit. Meet cute at the gym.

For comedy, Main Character resolves to learn to cook. Cue kitchen antics.

For drama, Main Character resolves to mend fences with person X, only to find out … drumroll … the rest of the story.

It’s not all resolutions. There is the aftermath of holidays.

What happens after you spend a week with your family? That could go comedy or drama.

Will that city lawyer really give up their high-powered job to marry their high school sweetheart? We could get super meta on that one.

And the marketing. We can sell advertising packages for gym memberships, for diet apps, for language classes. Think of any resolutions you’ve every had. Anything people want to do, someone wants to sell them something to do it. And we want to sell those people advertising space.

As we see, we have a captive audience. Every one is tired from holiday stress. They don’t want to go places or do things. They want to stay home and watch tv. So we give them stories to watch.

We give them stories to watch that don’t have a trace of Christmas. Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, it is inescapable for the entire month of December. We are all tired of it by now. So, we give them stories that look forward. Yes, technically it is still the Christmas season. January 1 is the eighth day of Christmas. No one cares about that excerpt curmudgeons and conservative Catholics.

Plus, everyone is shopped out. Buying gifts. Getting gifts. Returning gifts. No one wants to think about more stuff. So, we don’t sell things. We sell services.

New Year’s Day, the self-improvement holiday.

~~~ fin ~~~

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