Notes For A Holiday Movie, Fiction


Speaker 1: I’m holding a Friendmas. Wanna come?

Speaker 2: Say what?

Speaker 1: Friendmas. It’s like Friendsgiving except at Christmas. It’s for people who don’t have family, and for people who have family but wish they didn’t, and for folks who have to stay in town to work holiday shifts.

Speaker 2: What is Friendmas when you take it out of the box?

Speaker 1: Well, to start, the color scheme is purple and orange and yellow and blue, basically any color other than red and green.

Speaker 2: So it’s an anti-Christmas?

Speaker 1: Not at all. That’s the point. There is nothing inherently Christmas about red and green. Or snow. Or traveling. Or Santa. Or fir trees. Or Jingle Bells. Or Frosty. Or …

Speaker 2: I get it. I get it.

Speaker 1: Or … ahem. Anyway. You can have none of those things and still have Christmas. Think of it as alt.Christmas.

Speaker 2: Activities?

Speaker 1: Eat. Drink (both high-test and regular). Be Merry. Play holiday movies with the sound off and make up our own dialogue.

Speaker 2: Gifts?

Speaker 1: Yes, gifts, but everything has to be consumable. No stuff. You won’t leave with anymore than you came with. Again, there is nothing inherently Christmas about buying stuff. Although, I did buy lumps of frankincense and myrrh because how many of us have actually seen those things? Did you know they are both resins? I figure everyone knows what gold looks like.

Speaker 2: Sounds like a plan.

Speaker 1: I’m looking forward to it.

Speaker 2: I’m just here as a narrative device, aren’t I?

Speaker 1: Yeah, but this way I’m not talking to myself.

Speaker 2: Merry alt.Christmas, everyone.


This would be a fun frame for an ensemble plot. Each character or set of characters has their own problems. There is an interrelated solution that comes together at the party.

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