Blaze The Dragon, Photography

Awareness of the outside world. Nikon: Small World, Fluorescent Hand of a Madagascar Giant Day Gecko Wins 48th Annual Nikon Small World Photo Microscopy Competition, October 11, 2022.


Branko Mededica
The University of Alabama at Birmingham
1 May 2023

Technical Details & Discussion

A started with Sunny 16 and moved the numbers from there.

Head – f/11.0, 1/160 sec., 60.0 mm, ISO 200.

Building – f/16.0, 1/125 sec., 26.0 mm, ISO 200.

Post-processing – cropping, watermark, & border.

I can’t – yet – deliberately create a striking photo. I took 65 photos and most of them are … blah. In focus. Centered. Backgrounds not too bad, although I need to get better about checking what is behind the subject. I figured, dragon statue? Cool. This will be a piece of cake. I tried close-ups, detail shots, reflections. Nothing went anywhere.

I said something similar about the dog show outing. “Nothing that wows me, although turned out better than I thought while I was snapping.” [At The Dog Show]

In this case, the photos turned out even less exciting than I thought they would. Ah well. Go somewhere? Check. Take photos? Check. Therefore success. I keep saying this, if only to remind myself.


Branko Mededica: Blaze

Bham Now: Blaze means business. A sneak peek of the Blaze statue in front of the new UAB Collat School of Business building, Byington, 2019.


2 thoughts on “Blaze The Dragon, Photography

  1. The microscopy reminds me of your father. He spent a whole summer using an electron microscope to photograph etiolated peas, back in the day. The genes are there!

  2. A. Enjoyed the Dog Show photos, especially of camera sitting on the fancy dog bed (Poor dog) with the screen showing the dauschund. Nice!
    B. As someone who has spent just about all of her adult years taking photos — We are our own worst critics. Every now and then, we need to cut ourselves some slack.
    C. Keep taking photos anyway.

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