Blog Milestone

Post #4000

Design from screenshots of previous milestone posts.
Post #1 [We Begin Again] December 22, 2011
Post #1000 [I Made It!] October 14, 2014
Post #2000 [Letter Art: MM] July 9, 2017
Post #3000 [3000 Dots] June 10, 2020

Four thousand posts took 4,094 days, or 11.2 years, from 22 December 2011. [Begin]

I stepped away from the blog four times, for good and for ill: one vacation (2012), two snits (2013 & 2018), one break to get Milton (2014). [A Sea of Statistics]

Continuously to date for 1747 days, from 26 May 2018 [Bright-Eyed, Bushy-Tailed, & Back to Blogging]

I thought about going to weekdays only, but didn’t. Among other reasons, “The idea of breaking my streak bothered me even more than I thought it would.” [State of the Blog, Weekends NOT off]

I feel that I ought to have Deep Thoughts about this. All I got is ‘Wow, that’s a lot of posts.’ & ’11 years? Really?’

Where we all be in 4,000 more?


2 thoughts on “Blog Milestone

  1. Thought provoking..
    Your persistence is amazing.
    I hope this is fun, rewarding, etc.
    I enjoy it greatly.
    Thank you..

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