Stall Rest Chronicles 8 March, Another Minor Medical Mishap

Explanation. We have a horse on stall rest following colic surgery. This has taken over the blog. Mostly. [Begin, Phase III]

Small blood smear on Milton’s right side.

First thought, his belly! The fact that it couldn’t logistical have dripped from his underpinnings up his side is irrelevant.

Little amount, spread thinly. Bug bite?

No obvious bites, marks, or cuts on the skin.

Well, he scratches that area with his teeth. Maybe the problem is on the other end of the equation.

Check mouth and gums. Nothing.

Wait, now I have blood on my hands!?! What was I touching?

Aha! Got it. Nosebleed. Left nostril.

How did blood get from left nostril to right flank? That’s some serious neck contorting.

He’s had nosebleeds in the Spring. Probably from snorting. Milton’s Head Minion remembers talking with the vet about them in a past Spring.

Wipe a few times. Trickle stops. We find spots in the stall where he rubbed his nose.

A brief sprinkle compared to the thunderstorm back when Rodney had a nose bleed. He painted the walls with his blood. Seriously. I compared it to a horror movie. [Conference Report. Not. Long Version., The Nose]

Rodney was fine then. Milton is fine now.


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