The Home Team At Home In 2022

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In February, lack of riding at home led me back to saddle seat lessons. [Back In The Saddle, Saddle Seat Style]

“Looking at second week without riding. I hadn’t realized Rodney was planning to be such a gentlehorse of leisure this winter.” [Mindset Monday, The Crux]

This year, the Virtual Tevis ran before the IRL Tevis. So, April to July was 100 miles of walking. Milton was still being ridden. [VT archives]

I kerfuffled my ankle, but managed to get Rodney ready for his crossrail courses. [I’m Bored Already].

Second half of the year was Rodney alternating between doing weird shit to his legs and desultory riding. Milton decided to try life as a driving horse.

“Normal response: Alarm! Concern! Vet! My response: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Whadja do to yourself now?” [It’s Always Something, Rodney’s Latest Drama]

In the Autumn, Rodney had a massive hissy fit and now everyone is ground-driving for the winter.

A peek behind the scenes. This is my gestalt memory of the year. Original plan was to go through all the Rodney & Milton posts to draw up a recap of the year. That sounded annoyingly depressing as they are once again not were I wanted us to be. It also felt like a lot of work. So, sow’s ear to silk purse, I decide to go with what I remember right now. I figured what stands out says as much about the year as a thorough accounting does.


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