New Equipment, Fancy Girth For Milton


Awareness of the outside world. “Strive for OK. This is not likely to be the best weeks of life. Lower the bar a bit and be OK with OK for a little bit.” Dear Pandemic: Case numbers are jumping QUICK! What should I be doing? Ritter/Those Nerdy Girls, December 30, 2021.

Equi-Soft Girth by Stübben.

As I understand it, the elaborate construction takes pressure off the sides to free up the shoulders. Seems to me this places more pressure on the sternum, which is where I would have said Milton had objections, but that area is well-padded and spread out to distribute pressure.

He seems to like it. Less cranky and moving more freely.

If this feels like another in an endless stream of similar posts, you are not wrong. We have thrown many darts at the dartboard. Equipment. Feed & feed additives. Behavioral changes.

Some darts stick. [Miracle Boots]

Some darts fall off. [Naptime]

Each one works for a while but fails to provide a permanent fix.

IMO, Milton wants to be a happy horse. Previous Horse was a card-carrying, certified grouch. Milton is not in that league. There is an answer. We just need to figure it out.

Our current set of Keys To Milton:

Boots [Miracle Boots, More Of The Story]

Magnesium [Milton’s Meals], “Different rider & magnesium seemed to have cut down on the hoppy-hops (crosses fingers).” [Rodney & Milton’s Excellent Instruction]

Supplement for hind gut ulcers


You would think there would be one, underlying, unifying explanation. If there is, we have yet to find it.


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