Clean & Shiny


Awareness of the outside world. “Boston wastewater makes all the past waves seem almost flat. It is hard to comprehend.” Paul Bleicher @pbleic Dec 30, 2021. Hat tip, YLR: State of Affairs: Jan 3. Source, MWRA: Wastewater COVID-19 Tracking.


You are marveling at the reflection of sky and clouds in the shiny clean fender of my truck.

One of our holiday projects was to wash the truck & trailer. The trailer was a dirty, embarrassing mess. Seriously. I worried what Hunter Barn would think of us when we drove up. Granted, we also went to SSF, but they know us well enough to know that I clean up when it counts, i.e. in the show ring.

Since most of the schmutz was tree spit, every inch of metal had to be scrubbed. Not scrubbed hard, but not sprayed off with a hose either.

All cleaned up & ready to go. Isn’t it lovely?


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