The Hills , Virtual Trail Report, Tevis Sippy Cup, Miles 16 through 24, August 2020

Training Journal

If you’re riding a horse, you’ve already won.

Awareness of the outside world. Family stuff. Outside world can go hang. Vague for the sake of privacy. Everything should be okay. One worries. Later, All clear has been sounded.

Our pasture is on a hill. We have enough flat places along one side for riding areas. When we go counter-clockwise (first direction in ASB terms) around the edge, the terrain has a short, sharp rise, which also involves going around the downed tree. When we go clockwise (second direction), the path has a gradual steep slope. Subjective experience says the hill in this direction is bigger. [The Tree Didn’t Get The Memo]

We have been trotting both hills!

Milton has had a moment or two on the short, steep part in the trees. Both horses prefer to lead here. When Milton is leading, Rodney just gives up and walks. Doing his trail jog behind Milton up the hill is too hard. Both horses think the clockwise hill is a lot of work. They are not wrong. I feel the same way when I walk the pasture.

In other news, Milton handles new shoes better than Rodney does. Shoes Thursday. On Friday, Milton went on his own around the field. Did great. Even a bit of trot at the end. He is now one mile ahead. Rodney and I will catch up at some point so that we can finish together.

We are up to 8 laps per ride. That means ~2.5 miles. The plan is to ride 8 laps four times a week for a total of ~10 miles a week. This gives us a cushion if we get a rainy week or someone is indisposed.

Hodgson’s Meadow, listed on map.

Lyon Ridge, mile 21. Image source & additional photos, Tevis Cup: Lyon Ridge.

Cougar Rock, mile 23. Photo provided by virtual ride management. Getting photographed going up Cougar Rock is THE iconic Tevis pic. More photos and fun facts, Tevis Cup: Walking Tour of Cougar Rock & Tevis Cup: Fact and Fiction About the Tevis Cup Ride…

Video of trail between miles 14 & 21. Tevis Cup – Technical Riding in Granite Chief. Eeep.

Daily Log
Thursday, August 13. Day off. Shod. [Follow The Rules]

Friday, August 14. Today 3 laps, 1 miles (estimated). Total 16.17 {15.17} miles. Time 24 min (estimated). Milton’s solo day. Rodney reclined on the couch adjusting to his new shoes.

Saturday, August 15. Today 8 laps, 2.58 miles. Total 18.75 {17.75} miles. Time 56:44 min. Pace 22 minpermile/ 2.7 mph.

Milton, 21 miles.

Rodney, 20 miles.

Sunday, August 16. Today 8 laps, 2.63 miles. Total 21.38 {20.38} miles. Time 56:29 min. Pace 21 minpermile/ 2.9 mph.

Monday, August 17. Day off. Rest.

Tuesday, August 18. Day off. Rest.

Milton, 24 miles.

Rodney, 23 miles.

Wednesday, August 19. Today 8? laps, 2.7 miles. Total 24.08 [23.08] miles. Time 55:21 min. Pace 20 minpermile/ 3 mph. Check out that pace! I’m guessing at the laps from the mileage. The best way to fit in trot sets is to trot a flat stretch, reverse, and trot back. This messes with my ability to keep track of which lap we are on.

Note. the streetview screenshots are my best guess for location and direction. They could be way off. Still, I get the general idea.

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Stay safe. Stay sane.
Katherine Walcott

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