The Threes, Virtual Trail Report, Tevis Sippy Cup, Miles 25 through 34, August 2020

Training Journal

If you’re riding a horse, you’ve already won.

Awareness of the outside world. Virtual Tevis entrant Whiskey Ranch-Horse is taking time off from talking about their ride in order to raise money. “From Aug. 20 until Sept. 19 (one people-month) 30, I am gonna donate $2 from every *paperback* book sold (of both my paperback books) to the UC Davis Veterinary Need Catastrophic Fund. They have real good vets, who are likely not evil vet-ladies at all, who help animals that need it the most. This is all about UC Davis:” County Island: Help for Critters in Northern California Fires. Emphasis mine. Update. Fundraiser for UC Davis extended to Sept. 30, 2020.
Three miles! Twice!

Not much for real endurance horses, but good for two pasture puffs.

In both cases, we had to wander around the ring while I watched the GSP tick over from 2.96 to 3.0. No functional difference. Magical thinking.


Red Star Ridge, mile 28, Image source & additional photos, The Tevis Cup: Red Star Ridge.

Elephant’s Trunk. Listed on map.

Daily Log
We are doing our rides in 1/3-mile laps around our pasture. Link to standings, Doctor Whooves, Major Milton, All.

Thursday, August 20. Today 8 laps, 2.58 miles. Total 26.7 {25.7} miles. Time 57:37 min. Pace 22 minpermile/ 2.7 mph. Warm-up trots, then 2 long trots.

Friday, August 21. Day off. Planned.

Saturday, August 22. Today 9 laps, 3.01 miles. Total 29.71 {28.71} miles. Time 58:50 min. Pace 19 minpermile/ 3.2 mph. Rodney getting large & in-charge. Led many of the laps, including first lap. Weird. Three long trots today.

Sunday, August 23. Today 8 laps, 3.02 miles. Total 32.73 {31.73} miles. Time 1:02:03 min. Pace 20 minpermile/ 3 mph. Extra warm-up trot/canter attempt. 2 long trots.

Monday, August 24. Day off. Planned.

Tuesday, August 25. Today 6 laps, 2.01 miles. Total 34.74 {33.74} miles. Time 53:05 min. Pace 26 minpermile/ 2.3 mph. Technically riding in the rain. An easy day of walking after all the trotting.

Wednesday, August 26. Day off. Planned.

I am getting a handle on map vis-à-vis streetview. There is a line that shows the Virtual Tevis trail. There is a line that shows available streetview. These were not in the same place this week. I dutifully collected two streetviews from each riding day before I sorted this out. I can’t remember if the two lines converged in previous weeks. My sense of accuracy is offended; otherwise, mox nix.

You’d think I would have realized this earlier. I had some half-expressed theory that one was an estimate of the other. Spent far too long figuring out how the proportions related in order to gauge where I was. News flash. It is a totally different trail.


Streetview on roads and highways? That I can handle. Streetview in the middle of trees? I get lost sitting at my desk.

Nearby, but not the Virtual Tevis trail from this week. Included because scenic. Gives a general idea of the terrain.

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