How Did He Do That, Shoeing Edition


Lucky enough to have a horse.

Awareness of the outside world. Fran Jurga’s Hoof Blog looks at wide range of topics from a narrow point of view. Naturally, most posts are ones that only a farrier or lameness doc could love. The blog is worth checking on for the general interest posts. For example, the involvement of horseshoer unions in early Labor Day celebrations, given the prevalence of the horse in pre-automotive cities, Labor Day parades: When American horseshoers marched down city streets. Another example, did you know that a major event had a shoeing competition? Now you do. Burghley Horse Trials’ Best Shod Horse for 2019: What was he wearing…and why? I find it interesting that the blog covers so many different events and ideas while staying focused on one subject.

Not what you want to see.

Three days, Milton. You were shod three days ago.


Tidy as can be.

All dressed up and ready to ride.
Milton sprung a shoe then twisted it almost off. Removed all but two of the nails. Looks like the shoe was taken off by a blacksmith. How? How did he do that?

Horses never cease to amaze.

Stay safe. Stay sane.
Katherine Walcott

4 thoughts on “How Did He Do That, Shoeing Edition

  1. Thanks so much for mentioning The Hoof Blog, Katherine. I received a notification that it was mentioned on your blog and so I stopped by…and have been reading your (very well-written) articles ever since. I’m sorry you had to go through the twist-off routine but you were very lucky not to end up with a) a chunk of hoof wall being pulled off or b) a puncture wound, on either you OR the horse. So: congratulations, well done!

    I am delighted that you found The Hoof Blog; it’s now up to 1800 examples of what you describe: “so many different events and ideas while staying focused on one subject”. What’s online is just the tip of a huge iceberg of notes and clippings I have for the future. Right now I’m focused on a San Francisco blacksmith who was the poster boy for the anti-mask movement in 1919. An enraged mask advocate shot at him! All in a day’s musings at The Hoof Blog…

    I hope your blog has an RSS feed; I’d love to follow it and stay in touch with you. Go, Rodney! Onward!

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