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If you’re riding a horse, you’ve already won.

Awareness of the outside world. Regardless of your politics, voting during a pandemic is a logistical hairball. Look into what you need to do for yourself and your area. Don’t assume status quo ante. Let’s get everyone counted.

The ride is virtual. The trees are real.

As I said yesterday, Rodney is pouting. He’s having to work and he doesn’t approve. In the past, his response to new ideas is to get wound up. Say what you want about anxiety, it provides energy. [Virtual Gaits]

Now, everything is relaxed. Everything is low key. He’s trotting the path around his own field for the … pauses to check spreadsheet … 64th time in two weeks. He’s not braving these wilds alone. Milton is with him. There is nothing to get anxious about. There is just trotting along in a straight line.

We hates it. We hates it forever.

Rodney’s method for expressing this displeasure is to crash me into tree branches.

I’m not talking about overhanging branches that require you to duck. I’m talking targeting trees, veering off the path to brush through bushes. In one extreme case, he left the path entirely to pass through two trees growing close together.

I’m not imagining this. Milton’s rider says you can see Rodney aiming at trees.

Rodney has been know to weave from side to side to get three trees in a row in 20 yards of path. The more annoyed he is, the more new tree branches he finds.

This is particularly fun on dewy mornings.

Rodney is not a grumpy horse. Previous horse was a grump old man the day he was foaled. I know from grumpy. Rodney is passing through a phase. He’s in a mood. He’s working and it’s hard and it’s new and he’s going to be bad at it and … and … and …


As I said before, real Tevis horses can’t be like this. Taking the drunkard’s walk down the trail takes too much extra time.

[VTevis archives]

Stay safe. Stay sane.
Katherine Walcott

5 thoughts on “Virtual Trees

  1. Patience? Patience?! To paraphrase a famous vulture, Patience my a**, I want to jump something.

    Kamikaze – Yeah, except he manages to find branches that he can go under while I get a snoot full of chlorophyll.

  2. They’re clever that way. Remember to trail ride where you were going in front and pushing at cobwebs and asked me to go first, then yelped because you were still getting all the cobwebs because my mare and I were so small.

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