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  1. Perhaps because people are starting to see through this mask nonsense and realize they are being played. If you are at risk, have at it all you want. If not, carry on like normal.

    1. Since our country has declined to implement a test & trace program, we cannot know where the virus is. Therefore, we must act as if everyone is positive until proven otherwise. Protecting myself would mean wearing a N95 mask. It is not feasible to equip millions of people with this level of PPE. Therefore, we ask folks, out of compassion for others, to cover their snot boxes. We ask people to stop at red lights and wear pants in public. It is part of the social contract.

      1. I am not at risk, therefore if I come down with Covid I don’t expect to die. I expect to MAYBE be moderately inconvenienced … if that. I do think you are confusing the number of positive cases with deaths, which have pretty much hit rock bottom where I live. And if you believe so mightily in your mask then YOUR mask should protect YOU from ME. Unless of course, the whole mask debacle is nonsense … which it most certainly is, and anyone with a working brain would wonder why we are still wearing them. I don’t go around coughing or sneezing on strangers. Or anyone else for that matter. So be irritated all you like, call me selfish in your righteous indignation, but I’m done pretending we need to hide in our basement forever and cover our face every time we walk out my front door. If you think so, then as I said, have at it. You do your health choices and I’ll do mine. That’s why we live in a free country.

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