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I’ve argued that one can’t do it all [This Is Why]. There are times one can’t do any of it. All of these non-shows were the same weekend.

Yes, yes, yes. Bright side, gratitude, blessed. Yadda, yadda, yadda.

I’m still human. I get frustrated. I shall hereby indulge in a bout of foot stomping.

This time last year, I was eyeing the AHJA year-end show in Franklin, Tennessee. “Will I go back {to Nationals} next year? Well, this year the Alabama Hunter Jumper Association year-end show was the same weekend (ironically, 45 minutes away in Franklin TN). They have a .65 meter (~2 foot) jumper division. Just sayin’.” [All The Thoughts]


I would happily, gleefully, miss both Nationals and the AHJA year-end for a chance to bunny hop Milton around a beginner cross-country course. “If I were a goal-setting sort of person, this would be our goal for November.” [Looking Forward, Aspirational XC]

Noppity, nope. [Getting A Break]

At mid-summer, Nationals was still a possibility, albeit one that would have required massive course correction in how I spent my riding time. [Where I Am Not]

Nope. Nope. Nope.

That’s okay. I’ll take Rodney to the dressage segment of the show. It’s not cross-country. It’s not a big show. It is with MY horse. [Finishing The Season]

Le grande nope. [Woe Is I]

Three shows in one weekend. I didn’t go to four of them. Neat trick.


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