Getting A Boost, Jumping Lesson at FHF

Jumping Diary

To start the process of remembering how to jump before we teach Milton, I had a lesson on Kory, a 10yo Hungarian Warmblood, courtesy of Coach Molly, at Falcon Hill Farm.

First jump. I automatically gave a Milton-appropriate squeeze before the fence. Whereupon Kory LEAPED over it. I got left. At (over) a cross rail. Much to the amusement of the bystanders.

Middle fences. Canter in. Panic. Grab horse. Trot crossrail. Trot in. Breathe heavily but let go. Canter last two strides. Much mixed trotting and cantering.

Last jump, vertical below. I finally get it right. Grab a fistful of mane several strides out. Sit chilly. Tell myself to trust the horse because he knows more about this than I do. Canter up to and over the fence.

We went over all of the jumps pictured.
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7 thoughts on “Getting A Boost, Jumping Lesson at FHF

    1. Stayed on (text amended). “Getting left” means … this is harder to define that I thought …. the horse jumps, the rider lurches over out of balance. Anyone else have a better description?

      1. The horse is 3 steps ahead of you (not literal steps, figuratively speaking) and you’re trying to catch up like a cartoon character who doesn’t realize his top half is supposed to be on top of his bottom half. 🙂 Your description is good.

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