Lootapalooza, Part the Second, Winter Tournament Banquet 2019, Driving

Adventures in Pleasure Driving


2018-2019 Awards Banquet
Alabama Winter Tournament Association
Noccalula Falls
Gadsen, AL USA
Sunday, March 3, 2019
[Part the First]

Champion Academy Driving

Whiskey Throttle

Whiskey, 2 of 3 classes

Chappie the Haffie

Chappie, 1 class

My Haul
Because love me some swag. Also because the Winter Tournament organizers worked hard to come up with interesting and useful prizes.

Horsemanship, monogrammed toolbox with show supplies
Equitation, suit bag
Pleasure, personalized peppermint bucket
Driving, t-shirt

High Point Adult, set of etched glasses

High Point Kid winners got hand-welded metal ribbon racks. Leadliners got a bucket of treats. Both thought and effort went into these awards. Color me impressed. And smug. Let us not forget smug.


Lucy, an SSF barn cat, supervises the photo shoot.

Thank you for reading,
Katherine Walcott

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  1. yay Team K and Stepping Stone Farm!! Love that toolbox! Very clever! Congratulations!!!!!

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