Winter Tournament (S)No Report

Today was supposed to be a show report. We did not have a show. We had snow.

Before anyone busts on the South for not handling winter conditions, allow me one word: Ice. Places that get lots of snow are places that stay cold. Snow continues to be snow. When we have snow, the temperature bounces back and forth across the freeze line. Snow becomes water becomes ice. Snowmageddon [Snow, Montage, Ice, Letters] happened when the warm roads melted the snow and the arctic air refroze it. No one drives well on sheets of black ice. Sending everyone out onto the roads at the same time to pick up kids from school? Okay, that was a poor choice. But I digress.

No horse show; no horse show report.

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Katherine Walcott

4 thoughts on “Winter Tournament (S)No Report

  1. We got it here too, and we’re in New England. I was just doing barn chores and thinking, “Thanks Mother Nature, for giving us a day of snow followed by a day of fog and drizzle, only to be topped off by plummeting temperatures so the entire mess can freeze solid.” I just love the thought of breaking a leg two weeks before Christmas, said no one ever. And FWIW, after a month of strategically getting 40 pills a day into my horse, the vet had to cancel her Lyme follow-up. Even if he wanted to come, there’s no place to safely test movement. *sigh*

  2. Lyme 😦 . Hope she passes her follow up when it happens.

    On a different subject, are you blogging or posting photos anymore? I clicked over but didn’t see anything new.

    1. I haven’t blogged in some time. I started to wonder why bother? I lost my mo-jo. Have barely touched a camera in …. months. *sigh* (See? You’re not the only one! 😉 ) Still riding though. Well, not riding at all now. Winter. And Lyme. Crap. I managed a few tentative rides two weeks ago to see if my horse was still tripping and falling over, and we finished 30 days of treatment this morning. We’ll see where it goes from here? Maybe come spring I’ll be feeling it again? Hope so!

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