Post Called On Account Of Snow

I had planned to write something useful for today but my area got hit with an unexpected 2+ inches of snow & was totally unable to cope. Roads were parking lots. Anyone who lives north of me can’t believe 2 inches qualifies as a snowpocalypse.

It’s not the snow as much as the lack of plows, lack of sand/salt, lack of snow tires, lack of sense. We were supposed to get a dusting so everyone went to work & the kids went to school. When the snow turned serious, everyone tried to get home at once. Schools released the kids at noon, right as the snow picked up. Buses stuck on roads. Kids stuck on buses. My county – for some unknowable reason – does not use school buses, so all those parents went out at the same time & all got stuck in the snow.

As of this writing (Tuesday evening), I’m fine. The horses are fine. My husband is camping out and will be fine. I was home all day with nothing to do. Did I get lots of writing done? Of course not. Watched weather porn & Doctor Who DVDs. The biggest problem at the farm was Mathilda objecting to my taking snow pictures.

Bless cell phones. BTW, husband reports that my little car did great. Yay!

Update, 2/3/14. Local story with pictures.
Grass Stains: #Snowpocalypse2014, Day 1
BTW, snow gone by Friday & 60o on Saturday.

5 thoughts on “Post Called On Account Of Snow

    1. Take a look at the Weather channel. Atlanta is complete gridlock. I’ve got friends who left office when everyone was dismissed (about 1pm) and made it home around 9pm (what is usually a 20 minute drive). Our trainer was in her car for 15 hours and just now (about 9am) made it to shelter.

  1. I used to live in Alpharetta. 10 years ago, they got 1 1/2″ of snow. It was like the world ended.

    Not only can NO ONE drive the GA 400 when it RAINS, but oh dear, add snow to the problem, and you’ve got a whole world of hurt coming down on you.

    I would say that everyone in the South should spend at least one winter in the North…. but then again, even in the North, you get people who can’t drive. (See recent Indiana Semi Accident for proof).

    1. Honey, you got that in one. I was working in DC when the Carter administration moved there in 1977. If there was even the slightest bit of snow on the ground, if we saw a car with Georgia plates we pulled off the road, turned around, and went somewhere else.
      Don’t wish these folks on the North – they’ve got enough trouble as it is.
      And I don’t even want to think about GA 400 in the rain right now…

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