Letter Art: Recap 2017

Number of Sundays in 2017 – 53
AlphaBooks (next week) – 26
Rodney’s Saga – 13
Other Lettering – 5
Misc – 3
Text – 3
Sundays left in December – 3

Rodney’s Saga – 13

[Happy Rubber Ducky Day 2017]
[Glitter Pens]
[Indiana CDE 2017]
[IHAD 2017]
[Arte de la Letra: Bienvenido Verano]
[Flowers for Mother’s Day 2017]
[Zebra Stripes]
[Wallpapering with Light]
[Daylight Savings]
[Connect The Dots]
[Pen & Pastels]
[NYC 2016]

Other Lettering – 5

[Ya Gotta Want It]
[Winter Tournament Letters]
[BrickFair 2017]

Misc – 3

[A to Z in 2017] Solitaire alphabet game on Instagram, @alphabet2017
[Graphic Design for the Masses, the One-Horse Open Sleigh Stamp]
Recap 2017

Text – 3

[SketchBox Fail]
[AlphaBooks 2017]

Sundays left in December – 3
AlphaBooks Recap, planned
Holiday Letters, planned
New Year, planned

Previous Years

Thank you for reading,
Katherine Walcott

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