Letter Art: Screenprint


A sign and t-shirt that I “printed” – with much oversight, rather in the manner of a child helping to make cookies. “Nice…” is, historically, a city slogan and, lately, a mural. The Yellowhammer is the Alabama State Bird.

Today is even more off topic than the usual run of Sunday posts. Late last week, I took a screenprinting class at MAKEbhm. I figured I’d use a blog logo as my print and the result as a post. Turns out making your own design is the intermediate class. Oops. No time for plan B.

Did learn a few things that I already knew.

I work better when I know why. Once I understood the relation of the screen to the surface, my paint scraping became more effective. Why do I need to ride with my heels down? Why do my hands need to be up [Dueling Disciplines]?

I am more technical than artistic [Put Down the Hammer, Pick up The Paintbrush]. Years ago, I took a workshop at SCAD. I was miserable. I don’t speak artist. At the MAKE workshop, the instructors were happy to indulge in minute discussions over the behavior of the paint, the thickness of the screen, and so on. Ride Hard. Yup. Fix your body position. Yup. It’s a matter of style. Huh? Flair. What? Je ne sais quoi. Moi? (Did you know David Ogden Stiers was on Broadway before he was in M*A*S*H?)

No matter where you go, there you are. [Spring Fitness]

Thank you for reading,
Katherine Walcott

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