The Family That Drives Together

Driving Thursday


We borrowed from WHF (thank you!) a breastcollar with a deep V that rides higher on Milton’s shoulder and lower under his neck. Freeing up the shoulders freed up the whole horse. We are now ordering one of our own.


My driving Milton is not a policy statement. It was an effort by husband and coach to get me in motion so that I stop whining about my recent uselessness. (Good luck with that.) At the end of the video, I am trying to aim Milton through a pair of cones. Video by Courtney Huguley.

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4 thoughts on “The Family That Drives Together

  1. I drive too, for the past 30 years — it’s a wonderful way to connect with and share horses with others. But the early training stages can be tricky. Stay safe :)) Dawn

  2. Safety. Yes. The woman who is helping us is extremely safety conscious about driving. I think she’s see one too many situations – and horses – go sideways. Thanx.

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