Greetings Y’All

Regular Readers: Today’s post is a special landing page for people I meet at Y’All Connect, a one-day blogging and media conference. The regular blog schedule will resume tomorrow.

New Readers: Hello! Do you think I should start a food blog?

Me. Freelance writer. Blogger. Horseback rider. [About]

The Blog. A daily blog. Mostly horses. Also cats, dogs, books, LEGO bricks, photography, writing, lettering, biking, firefighting, and so on. In short, whatever catches my fancy at the moment. [Cast of Critters]

The Conference. For the previous 2015 conference, I made myself a list of Do’s & Dont’s [State of the Blog: Y’all Connect]. I had goals. I had plans. I was going to network! Market! Be pro-active! This year, I just hope to show up.

On the morning of the conference in 2015, My horse – the Rodney of Rodney’s Saga – sprung a nosebleed. Horses have big noses, even a minor nosebleed is a carmine deluge. He was fine, but I missed the conference. [Conference Report. Not. Long Version]

Fewer plans for this year. Mission success will be defined as attending. Since I need something to ponder, I’m thinking about a food blog. My husband cooks. I write. We should be able to work with this.

So, that’s me, and the blog, and my goals for Y’All Connect 2017. Let me know where you are visiting from (from where you are visiting? from whence? Pulls self out of grammar tailspin). I’ll come over to say hi.

Thank you for reading,
Katherine Walcott

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