Group Lesson

Driving Thursday

New adventure last weekend. Greg and I had a driving lesson together. Recently, driving lessons have used the combined driving toys; letters [Driven Dressage], obstacles [Big Green], or cones [Show Report]. These lessons are done one driver at a time. However, both of us needed a refresher on proper pleasure driving. These can be done two at a time.

We hitched up Iggy for Greg, Alvin for me, and away we went. We had to both drive and watch out for the other person, giving us a chance to practice having other folks in the ring. It was fun to be sharing the ring with my husband. At a show, I’m much more about stomping him into the dust beneath my wheels. Or trying to.

I’d say we are about equal in driving ability at the moment. Greg has the edge in Combined Driving. I’ve proven that I can’t steer worth a d*mn [Fun Show 1, Fun Show 3]. OTOH, I’m better with the saddle seat paradigm of Drive Fast, Look Snappy [Team Awesome, MSSP 2016].

The family that drives together … thrives together?

Thank you for reading,
Katherine Walcott

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