Pretty Ribbon, Costume Version

Saddle Seat Wednesday


To reward the work that goes into a costume class entry, SSF gave every participant one of these lovelies. [Macho Dresses Up]

On the SSF Facebook page, the video labeled “Because I’m biased …” shows all of the entries, In the background, you can see Macho enter the ring and spin around in concern. The airplane was the winner.

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Pretty Ribbon
Fancy Ribbon

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4 thoughts on “Pretty Ribbon, Costume Version

  1. Not nearly enough of you! At an Avenel halloween show Priney was the Great Pumpkin and I was the Great Pumpkin’s helper. Of course it was the hottest Oct. on record and I was dying in my black outfit. Actually won a ribbon! No as nice as the one SSF gave out, but a ribbon nonetheless.

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