Not feeling it today.

Life is good. Home horses are happy, healthy, and annoying. Greg’s driving is going well. Boot camp is kicking my butt [Madness, Blithering], as usual, even at 3 lessons a week.

Usually blog post ideas are sitting in the back of my mind waving their hands like an audience of over-hyped game show contestants. Me! Me! Write me! I’ll bring one down, see what it has to say. If an idea runs out of steam, I’ll invite another to the front. Usually takes less than 2 or 3 to find one that won’t stop talking.

It’s not one of those days where I’m drawing a blank [Why Bother Posting?]. The audience of ideas is full. But they are all sitting quietly and politely, waiting to see the show. No clamoring for attention. I stare at them. They stare at me. Crickets chirp. I wonder if this happened to Monty Hall.

Ever have days like that?
Speaking of Mr. Hall, have you heard of the Monty Hall Problem? Short answer, always switch even though you don’t wanna. Wiki, Mythbusters

Thank you for reading,
Katherine Walcott

Categories: Blogging, Horses

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