Let The Blithering Begin

Saddle Seat Wednesday

Had my first 2016 boot camp double session. How did I do this four days a week last year?! [Let the Tune-Up Begin]

Last Wednesday, I had a saddle seat lesson in the morning, came home to do chores, went back for Greg’s driving lesson, and then rode a second time. The next day, I crept around the house as a pale imitation of a useful person.

On Friday, I had Stepping Stone Farm’s version of a lunge lesson [Leg Lessons]. Before I got on, I took the stirrups off the saddle. I don’t get to use them at the trot and I was pretty sure I could canter without them. Pretty sure.

Then on Saturday, we restarted the Tennessee driving lessons after our August break [Hunting Zebras, scroll down]. All I do is sit in a car, watch his lesson, then sit in a car. Why is that tiring? But it is.

Finally on Sunday, my stomach informed me, ‘Okay that’s enough aspirin for a while.’ It does this occasionally. I back off for a few days and we negotiate a truce. Nothing serious, just accumulated aches that keep me awake &/or make me cranky.

The pace will continue through September and October: driving lessons, driving shows, riding lessons, riding shows, capped off by Nationals at the end of October.

NACHS 2016

It’s all wonderful – perhaps not the aspirin embargo -, but an exhausting type of wonderful. I have already told two friends that I would love to see them … in November.

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