Milton’s Meters

If Rodney is progressing in millimeters [Steps], Milton is bounding along by meters.

Ground driving – check.

Pulling – check.

Ground driving while pulling – in work.

Milton had his second session of tire pulling this weekend [first tire session]. Greg led. I held the tire on a break-away. Milton tromped around the ring like a milk horse on a delivery run. His entire body language was, ‘Weight on chest. I pull. BFD.’ I am amazed how quickly he has accepted this idea.

He was not as happy about being ground driven while pulling the tire. He still behaved flawlessly. He just registered concern about the proceedings. It’s not clear whether he didn’t like being draped with enough ropes for a bondage fantasy, or if didn’t trust the student drivers involved. Or both. Never rule out both as an answer.

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4 thoughts on “Milton’s Meters

  1. Sounds like progress and fun all the same… the only time I attempted driving and pulling a tyre was with a pony who was supposed to have been driven sometime in his past. So of course I took no precautions whatsoever and ended up with a terrified pony careering around the arena with a tyre bouncing along behind him while I gazed on in horror.
    Yes, I should have known better.

    1. On the end of every strap attached to Milton is a connection that is rated to break at 25 lbs of force. If he ends up careening around the ring being chased by a tire, its his own damned fault.

  2. Perhaps concerned is the go-to for how Milton processes things? I have two of those. They remind me of a kid who frets and stresses about learning something new, usually something you KNOW they can nail. Once they figure it out they act all cool and, “I had that” confident/cocky. Yeah, right. (Rolls eyes) *Sigh*

  3. Milton starts out at cocky. If it goes wrong, he gives the stinkeye. His concern is that YOU need to fix it since it is clearly YOUR error. If it goes right, he sees no reason to repeat the exercise. Practice happens to other horses. Rodney OTOH can get the anxious kind of concerned even when it is going well.

    As for the tire escapade, yeah, I have visions. We do what we can & work him in an enclosed area.

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