Get Ready, Get Set, Don’t Go

Saddle Seat Wednesday

I spent yesterday helping Stepping Stone Farm get ready for The Dixie Cup show this weekend: cleaning the trailer, making up haynets, loading haybales, finding room for those last few miscellaneous boxes, and so on, and so on. I miss this part of showing. Yes, even mucking the trailer. A clean trailer is a beautiful sight.

I miss getting my gear tidy and organized the week before.

I miss hitching truck to trailer and then standing back to contemplate my rig. I love knowing that I have a rig.

I miss braiding in the wee small hours while the horse dozes.

I miss those first few can-can steps a horse takes in leg wraps.

And so on.

Undoubtedly, I would have a better competition record if I had consigned myself to a hunter/jumper/eventing/dressage training barn rather than lurch through life as an AOT. But I would have missed a lot in the process.

The irony is, I’m not showing this weekend. This show was to be the first test of my vow to show less this year [Revised Plan]. As it turns out, we are not taking Academy horses. So much for stressing my resolve.

Good luck to all horses and riders. Go Team Stepping Stone!

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4 thoughts on “Get Ready, Get Set, Don’t Go

  1. I miss that part of showing too – the organization and strategic planning of making the ‘temporary barn’ – even if it’s the side of the trailer for the day – truly WORK well with everything in its place and handy and safe. I do get to vicariously do this when my goddaughter is showing, but I totally understand what you mean! I appreciate your taking the time to blog!! Have a great week, Elizabeth

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